first and foremost we value honesty in all our relations

Forward looking

We are always keep pace with the latest technologies that define the industy


We are passionate about our work, always striving for perfection

Our value

Our most important asset and value are skills and passion of our employees

Out mission

In collaboration with you we deliver state of the art business driven IT and HR solutions that help you achieve your goals 

Bitministry is a global provider of business driven IT solutions that meet strategic objectives of our clients.

We offer various customizable off-the-shelf products; plus comprehensive range of onsite, offsite and offshore services across the information technology industry - including custom software engineering, IT strategy and architecture, outsourcing, IT recruitment and resourcing services.

With a network of over 400 software professionals we serve wide array of organizations from startups to mid-size and large corporations; government agencies and military.

We clearly understand that all customer landscapes are not similar. The business models, challenges and drivers for considering an outsourced solution varies between clients.

That's why our sourcing methodology encompasses a clear solution, specifically crafted to address the drivers behind such an initiative. Our  methodology includes a comprehensive  analysis, followed by a carefully crafted solution through a phased approach that addresses your business drivers and helps your IT organization align its goals towards the overall vision of the business. 

We offer end-to-end solutions, from concept and strategy, to design, implementation and support, helping you achieve your goals.

We are one of the fast growing IT companies. Our operations stated in 2006. Today we are present in United Kingdom, Estonia and India. 


We always take the extra step to deliver well tailored solution


Our approach is from the balanced long term perspective

Agility and performance

We believe in The Manifesto for Agile Software Development. We are what we deliver

Some of our clients..

The Management

Taavi Salumets

chief executive officer

Taavi.Salumets Ω bitministry.com

Martin Bright

chief marketing officer

Martin.Bright Ω bitministry.com

Andrew Rebane

chief technology officer

Andrew.Rebane Ω bitministry.com

Sunder Magar

team lead, India

Sunder.Magar Ω bitministry.com

Finot Mebratu

sales, Ethiopia

Finot.Mebratu Ω bitministry.com

Rahul Yadav

tech lead

Rahul.Yadav Ω bitministry.com